Publications - in year 1996 

1. Vita Cebasek, Franjo Pernus, Slavko Obreza, Marko Ambroz and Ida Erzen. Energy metabolism of fibre types within fascicles of human muscles. Pfluegers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology, 431(6 Suppl):R211-R212, 1996. [doi:10.1007/BF02346343]
2. Bostjan Likar, Rok Bernard and Franjo Pernus. Contrast matching techniques for digital subtraction radiography: An objective evaluation. 1996 AMIA Annual Fall Symposium, 26-30 Oct, Washington DC, USA, J.J. Cimino (Ed.) , 294-298, 1996.
3. Bostjan Likar and Franjo Pernus. Image registration by thin-plate splines. 3rd International Conference on Life Sciences 1996, 21-26 Sep, Gozd Martuljek,Slovenia, I. Erzen, Z. Pajer (Eds.) , 18-18, 1996.
4. Bostjan Likar and Franjo Pernus. Quantification of alveolar bone loss by digital subtraction radiography. 3rd Annual Conference of EAVDI and IVRA 1995, 6-10 Sep, Berlin, Germany, 166, 1996.
5. Bostjan Likar and Franjo Pernus. Thin-plate splines as a registration technique for digital subtraction radiography. 4th Symposium on Digital Imaging in Dental Radiography 1996, 17-19 Oct, Amsterdam, The Netherlands , 21, 1996.

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