Publications - in year 1999 

1. Bostjan Likar and Franjo Pernus. Automatic extraction of corresponding points for the registration of medical images. Medical Physics, 26(8):1678-1686, 1999. [doi:10.1118/1.598660]
2. Joze Derganc and Franjo Pernus. Kontrola kakovosti lezajev elektricnega stevca z racunalniskim vidom. Elektrotehniski vestnik - Electrotechnical Review, 66:292-298, 1999.
3. Bostjan Likar and Franjo Pernus. Registration of serial transverse sections of muscle fibers. Cytometry, 37(2):93-106, 1999. [doi:10.1002/(SICI)1097-0320(19991001)37:2<93::AID-CYTO2>3.0.CO;2-#]
4. Marko Bukovec, Jozef Casar and Dejan Gradisar. Control and supervision of a modular production line. 5th International, Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students proceedings - ICAMES'99, 15-21 May, Istanbul, Turkey, 1999, 113-142, 1999.
5. Bostjan Likar and Franjo Pernus. Elastic registration of muscle fibres. International Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration - WBIR 1999, Aug, Bled, Slovenia, F. Pernus, S. Kovacic, H.S. Stiehl, M.A. Viergever (Eds.) , 24-45, 1999.
6. Joze Derganc and Franjo Pernus. Kontrola kvalitete injekcijskih igel z racunalniskim vidom. 8. Elektrotehniska in racunalniska konferenca - ERK 1999, 23-25 Sep, Portoroz, Slovenia, B. Zajc (Ed.), B:261-264, 1999.
7. Bostjan Likar and Franjo Pernus. Matching images of muscle fibres. 4th Computer Vision Winter Workshop - CVWW 1999, 8-10 Feb, Rastenfeld, Austria, N. Braendle (Ed.), 90-101, 1999.
8. Ales Klemencic, Stansilav Kovacic and Franjo Pernus. Modeling morphological changes during contraction of muscle fibres by active contours. 8th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns - CAIP'99, 1-3 Sep, Ljubljana, Slovenia, F. Solina and A. Leonardis (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1689:134-141, 1999. [doi:10.1007/3-540-48375-6_17]
9. Ales Fidler, Bostjan Likar and Uros Skaleric. Quantitative DSR accuracy is influenced by film exhaustion. 7th Meeting of the International Academy of Periodontology with the Slovenian Society of Periodontology, 20-22 Jun, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 29, 1999.

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