Publications - in year 2016 of type 'Abstracts in conference proceedings' 

1. Janez Mohar, Dejan Knez, Robert J. Cirman, Rihard Trebse, Rene Mihalic and Tomaz Vrtovec. Comparison of automatically and manually obtained pedicle screw plans in deformities of the thoracic spine. 29th Annual Congress of the International Society for Technology in Arthoplasty - ISTA 2016, 5 - 8 Oct, Boston MA, USA, S.B. Murphy (Ed.), #4334, 2016.
2. Bulat Ibragimov, Franjo Pernus, Primoz Strojan and Lei Xing. TH-CD-206-05: Machine-learning based segmentation of organs at risks for head and neck radiotherapy planning. Medical Physics, 43(6):3883, 2016. [doi:10.1118/1.4958186] [IF: 2.617 (2016); 37/126 radiology, nuclear medicine & medical imaging; 2nd quartile]

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