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Laboratory of Imaging Technologies
Publications - in year 2019 of type 'Papers in journals' for member 'Tomaz Vrtovec' 

1. Dejan Knez, Imad S. Nahle, Tomaz Vrtovec, Stefan Parent and Samuel Kadoury. Computer-assisted pedicle screw trajectory planning using CT-inferred bone density: a demonstration against surgical outcomes. Medical Physics, 46(8):3543-3554, 2019. [doi:10.1002/mp.13585] [IF: 3.177 (2018); 35/129 radiology, nuclear medicine & medical imaging; 2nd quartile]
2. Rob C. Brink, Ludvig Vavruch, Tom P. C. Schloesser, Kasim Abul‑Kasim, Acke Ohlin, Hans Tropp, René M. Castelein and Tomaz Vrtovec. Three‑dimensional pelvic incidence is much higher in (thoraco)lumbar scoliosis than in controls. European Spine Journal, 28(3):544-550, 2019. [doi:10.1007/s00586-018-5718-6] [IF: 2.513 (2018); 23/76 orthopedics; 2nd quartile]

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