Biomedical Image Analysis - doctoral program (level 3) 

Execution:Doctoral program in electrical engineering (level 3).
Lecturer:Prof. Dr. Franjo Pernus
Consultation hours:Only in person with compulsory prior appointment via e-mail.
Study material:Milan Sonka and J. Michael Fitzpatrick (Eds.): Handbook of Medical Imaging, Medical Image Processing and Analysis, Vol. 2. SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 1st Edition, 2000.
Isaac N. Bankman (Ed.): Handbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis. Academic Press, 2nd Edition, 2008.
Terry Peters and Kevin Cleary (Eds.): Image-Guided Interventions: Technology and Applications. Springer, 2008.
M.A. Hayat (Ed.): Cancer Imaging. Instrumentation and Applications, Vol. 2. Academic Press, 2008.
Course description:Introduction: history, role and fields in computer-assisted image analysis in biomedicine.
Image registration and integration: role of image registration in medicine, classification of registration techniques, modeling of geometrical transformations and deformations, point-based methods, identification and fitting of control points, surface-based methods, similarity function-based methods, analysis and evaluation of registration techniques, clinical cases of image registration and integration.
Image segmentation and quantitative analysis: classification of techniques, adaptive thresholding, derivative-based segmentation, area spreading and merging segmentation, classification-based methods, model-based methods. Describing images with mathematical and physical models, describing with prinicipal components, statistical models of appearance and shape. Evaluating segmentation results.
Image-guided surgical interventions: tracking and navigation systems, visualization in image-guided surgery, intervention planning, registration of images, models and intervention plans with the patient or images of the patient, evaluation of reliability and accuracy of image-guided interventions, clinical value of image-guided interventions.

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